Michael Infanti

Michael is a AA PGA Professional and has dedicated himself to Coaching for the past 8 years as a member of the PGA of Australia. Michael, having played on the Australasian tour and Coached players at an elite level still playing events around Australia is a Playing Coach and works hard to put his method into a practical sense.

As a full time golf coach, the time at the academy is split between developing programs for individual lessons, golf clinics, playing lessons, Junior development, Coaching elite Players and playing in Corporate Events and Playing tournaments himself. This has allowed Michael to have a broad range of players from beginners to advanced clients.


Michael's Methodology is “Simplicity is Key”. To simplify the learning process in what can be at times a complex game and can prove to help Golfers of all levels. Michael can identify swing errors and help make improvements no matter what the ability. Making it easy for students to understand is Michael’s main focus and in doing so this breeds confidence into the golf swing and allows players to execute on the golf course with determination to better their score, hit a longer drive or hole that winning putt.

Practicing “Quality over Quantity” is another piece of the puzzle to get the gains and improvements we are after. As Time is an issue working on the right things such as Grip, Routine, Short Pitch Shots, etc. Also having fun with it, for example, Try different golf shots (5 Drivers- 5 Pitching wedges).


  • Coaching Golfers Of All Levels
  • Ladies Clinics
  • Short Game Clinics
  • Coaching Elite Players